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Contact: Wendee Cutler

Thankful for our older Jewish Adults

The American holiday of Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Most of us know it as a time to celebrate family, friendship, good food and warmth among many other things. Most important of all, it is a time to be thankful for the abundance we have in our lives.

Unfortunately, there are many older Jewish adults in our communities that may not have as much to be thankful for this year. They may be experiencing unpleasantness as a result of declining health, high cost of medications and medical care, increased loss of mobility, grief as friends pass due to illness or age, loneliness as a result of being isolated from family and friends, a lack of transportation to stay socially active, food insecurity, and the fear of not enough income to sustain a safe living environment.

As a Jewish community we embrace “Tikkun Olam”, repairing the world. We take to heart the privilege of helping our older Jewish adults in their times of need. Individually we are able to bring a special ingredient to the collective group when helping our older Jewish adults that give us life, knowledge and confidence.

It is important to remain aware of changing times and needs within the older Jewish adult community. The more information shared, the more positive progress we can make in “Enhancing the Lives of Older Jewish Adults.”

Please help BJH Foundation help this very special population by sharing thoughts and information with us. It will help us direct our grant allocation funds to the most effective and needy organizations as they take “Tikkun Olam” seriously by working directly with the older Jewish adult population on a regular basis.

Some of you are or shortly will be involved in care of your parents. How will that impact your lives? We encourage all of you to think about the life you envision in your retirement years. What are some of the ways you may need assistance? What are some of your social and educational areas of interest? Where do you envision yourself living as you gracefully age? These are just a few of the questions the BJH Foundation Board tries to answer each year.

Of course it is important to note we always welcome contributions. Growing the balance of our funds invested with the Jewish Foundation of Greensboro allows greater amounts of money to be allocated each year as grant awards.

For more information, please contact Wendee Cutler at 336-854-8400 or email