Pets Introduce Renewed Life to Residents!

 Each day there are stories regarding ways to improve life for people with varying needs. One of the most heartwarming video stories involved small kittens cared for by nursing home residents.

The tiny kittens were not nurtured by their mother instead needing to be bottle fed. Nursing home residents would cuddle and play with the kittens giving them the love they lacked from their mother. The residents fed them like a baby while helping them grow. The kittens quickly grew, nearly doubling their size in a couple of weeks as a result of the personal interaction.

The added mitzvah of this is the residents became more sociable and lively. Their disposition improved with a new reason to live and interact. In fact, one gentleman that lives with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer didn’t speak to many people. Now with a kitten under each arm he announces “it’s time for a walk” and takes the kittens for a stroll. There are many additional benefits including the residents recalling long-forgotten memories while holding the kittens.

Interaction in various ways makes a difference in the lives of everyone. We think some gestures are small when in fact they can bring big results to many. Pets, music, art and crafts among other things have all produced positive results with many people.


Avoiding Scams

 It’s tax season again. It’s also a time when others may try to scam people, especially older adults. It’s important everyone is aware of the various ways to protect yourself, your property and your income.

Please visit the North Carolina Department of Justice website at Look for the tab titled “Safety Alerts”. Attorney General Josh Stein and his department offer information on ID theft, recognizing impostors, grandparent scammers, telemarketing scams, health care and many more subjects.

Knowledge is your best weapon to prevent scams!

Guilford County Aging Needs Assessment

In this column last month, everyone living in Guilford County was asked to complete the aging needs assessment. Your responses are anonymous and your input will help shape the way Guilford County plans for the aging population in the future.

If you have not completed the Guilford County Aging Needs survey, please enter this link in your internet web browser.

For a printed copy, contact Wendee Cutler at or 336-854-8400. a

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input is important!

Greensboro Commission on Status of Women

 Join the Commission on the Status of Women for the first of the Things We Face Workshop Series beginning April 26, 9 a.m. – noon at The Lusk Center in Greensboro.

This workshop “Staying Safe” is free and open to the entire community, women and men. The workshop includes speakers and panelists from Hospice & Palliative Care of Greensboro, Community Housing Solutions, United Way of Greater Greensboro and the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department.

For additional information and registration visit or call the Greensboro City Human Relations office at 336-373-2038.

For more information about BJH Foundation, a printed copy of the survey or other matters, please contact Wendee Cutler at 336-854-8400 or email