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Contact: Wendee Cutler

Apply Now for a 2017 BJH Foundation Grant

BJH Foundation is preparing to award grants for its 11th year!

Does your organization serve the older Jewish adult population? Is it in need of funding for worthy programs?

BJH Foundation strives to “Enhance the Lives of Older Jewish Adults” by awarding grants to nonprofit organizations within North and South Carolina. If you are associated with or know of a nonprofit synagogue, school, or other organization with a 501(c)(3) status that serves the older Jewish adult population within North or South Carolina, the organization may be eligible for a grant.

BJH Foundation emphasizes 2 priority categories for older Jewish adults; Health and Wellness, and Socialization programs.

Health and Wellness programs include: case management with a licensed professional or case worker, congregational nurse, dementia or memory impairment, group day care and respite programs, new and innovative programs.

Socialization programs include: community building, education and furtherance of Jewish values, food distribution, transportation, new and innovative programs.

We realize there are many more ways to enhance the lives of older Jewish adults. This is an opportunity for organizations to help us create a win-win situation for everyone. Think outside the box when creating programs and services that address the needs of the older Jewish adult population. Remember to consider the baby boomer population as boomers will have many needs in the coming years.

Please visit our website at to view and download the grant application with the guidelines.

Review the information carefully as some aspects may have changed. It is important to fill out the application completely, include all requested information and submit it by the February 28, 2017 deadline.

For more information, please contact Wendee Cutler at 336-854-8400 or email